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Corona Update: Thomann Shop In Treppendorf Reopens!

Corona Update: Thomann Shop In Treppendorf Reopens!

Dear musicians and technology enthusiasts,

Europe’s largest music store reopens on Monday, May 11th, 2020! We look forward to welcoming you back to Treppendorf. Shop and repair acceptance are open for you again at the usual times:

Opening hours:

Monday – Friday: 9:30 am to 6:30 pm
Saturday 9:30 am to 4:00 pm

The current corona crisis imposes conditions and restrictions. In order to protect our customers and employees, we have adopted hygiene precautions and protective measures that apply to our entire Thomann campus. We are dependent on your support and cooperation and thank you for your understanding. Let us take care of each other and show responsibility for our fellow human beings.

Protective measures & hygiene precautions

All visitors and employees must wear a mask in the sales rooms, in the goods issue and in the repair acceptance department at Thomann.
Products that require contact or proximity with the face or that can only be used without a face mask cannot, unfortunately, be tested (e.g. wind instruments, microphones, violins).

The social distancing rules (at least 1.5 m of separation) must be observed, as a precaution the number of customers in the shop is limited.

Due to these precautionary measures, longer waiting times can be expected. Our recommendation to you: It is best to order the instruments and equipment for testing by telephone before your visit. The products will then be waiting for you when you visit the shop and there is no additional waiting time. Unfortunately, because of the current situation, we have to ask you to carefully consider a visit to our shop at this time. Our online shop, www.ritian18.com, is also open and our service hotlines will be happy to advise you by phone as always.

Thank you again for your understanding. Stay healthy and take care of yourselves! ?? We look forward to your visit, whether in person or virtual! ??

Your Thomann team

Impressions from Europe’s largest music store

Come over and discover Thomann! Enjoy our video:

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Joe started playing the guitar when he was 10 and has been using it as a songwriting tool ever since. He is passionate about melody and harmony and admires musicians who create these in unique ways. Check out his alternative / indie projects Best of Feelings and Zef Ra?ek.


    Hey Joe could you please update you post ‘CORONA VIRUS: THOMANN’S PREVENTATIVE MEASURES’.
    Lots of people there (me included) want to know about orders and shipping and delays to different countries.
    Solid information from your company will go a long way towards calming frayed nerves.

    I want to cancel my order please contact me

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